Beautiful 10Pcs Handmade Blooming Flower Health Tea Ball for Drinking Home Decor

Made by hand. No addictives.
Chinese Artisan Tea ( Also called as Blooming Tea, Blossoming Tea, Flowering Tea, Artistic Tea,
Display Tea, Art Tea, Crafted Tea, Hand-Crafted Tea, China Special Tea), is made of the highest
grade special green tea of fresh spring crops and natural herb flowers.
It is kind of newly-innovated special green tea featuring unique appearance, splendid infusion view.
With selected quality of green tea and natural herb, the artisan tea products have various health benefits
such as delaying the aging cells, whitening the skins, improving immunity, etc.
Innovated from the concept of nature, health, luxury, fashion and simplicity, the flower fairy artisan tea products
not only delight your eyes as well as taste buds, but also unfurl when added to water revealing delicate flowers hidden within.
It is really a sumptuous spectacle for your tongue and for your eyes!

Flower Tea & Health
Tea has been one of the daily necessities in China since time immemorial. Countless numbers of people like to have their after meal cup of tea.
In summer or warm climate, tea seems to dispel the heat and bring on instant cool together with a feeling of relaxation.
Medically, the tea leaf contains a number of chemicals, of which 20-30% is tannic acid, known for its anti-inflammatory and germicidal properties.
It also contains an alkaloid (5%, mainly caffeine), a stimulant for the nerve centre and the process of metabolism.
Tea with the aromatics in it may help resolve meat and fat and thus promote digestion.
It is, therefore, of special importance to people who live mainly on meat, like many of the ethnic minorities in China.
A popular proverb among them says, "Rather go without salt for three days than without tea for a single day."
Tea is also rich in various vitamins and, for smokers, it helps to discharge nicotine out of the system.

Type: Flower Tea
Tea Origin: China
Quantity: 10 Balls/Pack (Random Type)
Shelf Life: 18 Months (Production Date Showed on Packaging)
Features: Sugar - Free, Beautiful, Health, Tea Art, Home Decor
Quantity of the Tea Ball: 10 Pcs

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
To store it, please put the tea ball in a dry, sealed and non bad smell place with low temperature.

Package Included:
10 x Flower Tea Balls
Random Style