The Enigma Strikes Back | Ep. 9 | Afterlife Minecraft SMP

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Welcome to Afterlife SMP, a new Minecraft SMP. A modded multiplayer
server with friends based around the Minecraft Origins Mod
You get 10 lives in Afterlife SMP and every time you respawn you'll receive a new origin!

Due to a massive oversight on our part, we have accidentally named this series after an already existing long-running vanilla SMP called Afterlife SMP ? We know this could unfortunately cause some disruption to their server and for that we are extremely sorry.
However, I've had the joy of discovering a BUNCH of creators that are active on the original Afterlife SMP and here is a link so you too can check out the amazing stuff they're doing over on Afterlife SMP:
p.s. please use #ALSMP to tag this SMP

@Joey Graceffa
@Katherine Elizabeth Gaming


Check out Joel's gaming channel:
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