MOST TRENDING Blind Auditions of 2021 | The Voice Kids Rewind

These amazing Blind Auditions are the most VIEWED Voice Kids videos of 2021 on YouTube. What was your favorite Blind Audition? Let us know in the comments down below!

00:00 1. Adelways Lay sings 'The Magic Flute' (The Voice Kids Indonesia):

02:07 2. Bente sings 'My Heart Will Go On' (The Voice Kids NL):

03:56 3. Мирон Проворов sings 'Батарейка' (The Voice Kids Russia):

06:01 4. Josué sings ‘Llorona’ (The Voice Kids Colombia):

08:24 5. Kiara sings 'Jar of Hearts' (The Voice Kids Germany):

10:01 6. Jesús del Rio sings 'Highway to Hel' (The Voice Kids Spain):

11:45 7. Amelia Zagrodzka sings 'Co powie tata' (The Voice Kids Poland):

13:42 8. Vincenzo Leonardi sings 'Sway' (La Voz Kids Perú):

15:53 9. Jesús sings 'El jilguerillo de Tlaxcala' (La Voz Kids Mexico):

17:24 10. Júlia Ochoa sings 'When We Were Young' (The Voice Kids Portugal):

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